Guidelines & Tips


Please arrive on time, for 8pm.  Preparing a delicious meal in a domestic kitchen, without an army of staff, is a very tall order and your meal will have been planned to be served at a pretty exact time. Everyone sits down and eats together and I will have planned all the cooking and preparation of every course based upon this. Conversely, please, please do not arrive early. It puts us in a difficult position. The final stages of preparation can be very hectic!

Dietary requirements

Please advise me of any food allergies or specific dietary requirements well in advance, so that I can prepare a suitable alternative for you. However, this does not include a long list of ingredients that guests “don’t like”. The supper club experience is for adventurous foodies but do not worry; if you are served something you don’t fancy, you will not go hungry and I won’t be offended if you leave it!

I design the menu with a wide variety of seasonal ingredients throughout the 4 courses and also for the canapés and petits fours.  Eating at my restaurant is a chance to try dishes and flavours you may not order in a conventional restaurant.


This is entirely up to you. It’s your evening. Usually the girls like dressing up and boys will be happy to do the same but as long as you are comfortable and enjoy the evening that’s all that matters.


Please bring your own wine and any other soft drinks that you may like.  We’re not licensed and cannot sell alcohol by law. One of the benefits of a supper club over a restaurant is that you can bring much better quality wine than you would potentially choose in a restaurant and save a fortune at the same time. Bring as much as you want, as we will give you back any not used at the end of the evening. Still, filtered, chilled tap water is provided. It would be helpful if you can bring your drinks pre-chilled if possible as our fridges are not huge, but we do provide ice buckets to keep your drinks chilled throughout the evening. The table is laid with water, white and red wine glasses so if you are bringing fizz, pudding wine or port, please let me know in advance so you can have the correct glassware on the table.


Please treat us all like we are friends. We really want you to have a great experience and a fabulous evening so we want to make sure your evening runs smoothly. We will work tirelessly to you’re your evening a memorable one. Everyone wants a friendly, fun and relaxed atmosphere even though we are working -  just treat us as you would the host at a dinner party! I don’t add a service charge, but leave that to your discretion.


Please, please mention anything that you’re not happy with to me or anyone else serving you, or drop me an email the next day. I would hate to think of anyone going home unhappy without having had the opportunity to resolve the problem at the time. We are all human so I am sure there may be times when something doesn’t go quite right. And, if this is the case, I will do my best to rectify it there and then I would be mortified to find out someone had not enjoyed the evening and/or the food.  I do have a ‘visitors book’ which is passed round at the end of the meal. Your honest comments are very welcome.


Unlike a commercial restaurant, I buy ingredients and prepare meals for the number of guests I am expecting and I don’t have any margins to cover these costs if my guests don’t come. So, please give me at least 48 hours notice if you have to cancel. I will try to fill the place(s) if at all possible but if I am unable to do so, I ask that the cost of the dinner is still paid.